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3 vintage design boutiques in Paris
3 vintage design boutiques in Paris

Inspired by the Vintage Design, Paris Design Agenda is going to show you today 3 vintage boutiques in the City of Lights.

vintage design boutiques paris - chanel

vintage design boutiques paris

The smart use of small space.

It is in Saint-Ouen where you can find a 10 square meters showroom with an amazing utilization of the space. All the vintage decoration is made to recreate a Parisian apartment. Usual this amount of space is not enough for an ambience but Oliver Koerber and Chritophe Patris were success on the job with spotlights on ceiling and moldings drawn to help. At the moment you enter on the showroom you are immediately immersed in a sixties unvierse with lighting disks, daily hi-fi material and a lot of pieces of the German brand Dual. The illusion is complete.

marché Vernaison le doux logis


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A place to back in time

It is at le cube rouge in Paris that you can find a place that look like it stop in the time. The name of the artiste is Jérôme Godin, who works in the way of create a very illuminated space with many of after war furniture. He used anonym and signed pieces from Friso Kramer, Marcel Gascoin and Harry Bertoia.

Le cube rouge


Modern and national furniture

Luc Allemand and Jean-François  Foucher propose the best of 1950 to 1970 design in their gallery at rue de Lille. Exceptional pieces they found along the years to expose where you can find some very rare lightings like the Elysée de Peirre Paulin. Decipherers work with a lot of enthusiasm.

luc allemand showroom

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