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5 Most Famous Residential and Hospitality Design Studios In Paris
5 Most Famous Residential and Hospitality Design Studios In Paris

Paris is full of residential and hospitality design studios. Among them, we made a selection of the most famous and with a unique reputation that you will surely know who we are talking about. As french hospitality design studios are known as ones of the best among interior design field, you’ll be delighted to know our suggested list.


5 Most Famous Residential and Hospitality Design Studios In Paris

Chateau Frontenac Hotel 

Let’s start by the talentous Laurent Moreau. He founded his agency in 1983 and ever since has been offering imeless spaces. After several institutional projects, he chose to specialize in interior design and hotel design, subjects of which he knows all the secrets today and all constraints. Inspired by all decorative styles, as long as they are warm and intimate, Laurent Moreau has become a master in the art of combining noble materials – wood, stone, glass, rare coatings, reprocessed materials, unusual objects diverted for different purposes, and special lighting – while constantly respecting proportions and matching colours, to create places that appeal to a cosmopolitan clientele.

Each project is the result of a rigorous process where even the lighting is an expert job. There is the whole philosophy of this specialized firm: giving industry professionals the means to turn a building into their image by following a set of very precise specifications. Because aesthetics is not everything, but counts a lot.

5 Most Famous Residential and Hospitality Design Studios In ParisThe Lanesborough

Still in interior design studios field, we can’t continue without mention Alberto Pinto Interior Design, under Linda Pinto’s management. With a strong of a team of 80 employees, rigorously perpetuates what made the Master’s success.

Eclecticism, luxury details and refinement remain the key words when it comes to creating entire universes for its prestigious clients worldwide: private residences, office buildings, airports, hotels, yachts and jets.

The wide range of Pinto’s style, marked by various cultural influences lets traditional and modern meet in harmony, and adapts as much to intimate rooms as to larger spaces, whether the projects be public or private.  Alberto Pinto Interior Design appropriates the eclectic tastes of its international clients by adjusting the décors to suit each one, and all the while adding an elegance which creates a balance within such opulence.

Among Pinto’s clients the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia as well as Qatar, along with many other important private clients around the world for whom residences have been designed and decorated in the United States, Brazil, the Middle-East, Morocco, Tunisia, France and Europe.

Other projects can be counted such as numerous hotels including The Lanesborough, the Dorchester in London, the Grand Park Hotel in Gstaad, the villa Rose-Pierre of the Grand Hôtel in Cap Ferrat, the Hostellerie de Plaisance in Saint-Emilion, la Residencia and the Palm Beach in the Canary Islands.

Nolinski Hotel 

And what about Jean-Louis Deniot? Since 2000, he has created emblematic interiors filled with elegance and serenity, promoting a style where magic and spontaneity coexist with luxury. Architectural Digest USA, AD France, ELLE Decoration and Belle Australia are among the most important architectural and design firms in the prestigious selection of international designers (Top 100, A-List).

Recognized worldwide for its eclecticism and its penchant for balance and osmosis, Jean-Louis Deniot fuses brilliantly contemporary aesthetics and classic terminology, creating at each of its achievements, more than spaces, atmospheres where harmony reigns And sweetness of life. Audacious and intuitive, Jean-Louis Deniot is illustrated by his certain minimalism, preferring noble materials and soft colors to ostentation and excess.

His projects mainly concern private properties and commercial spaces for clients located all over the world: Paris, Corsica, London, Monaco, Milan, Capri, Colombia, Istanbul, Dubai, Moscow, New Delhi, Aspen , Bora Bora among many others.

5 Most Famous Residential and Hospitality Design Studios In ParisMandarin Oriental Marrakesh 

More than ordinary is the design studio Gilles & Boissier. Patrick Gilles and Dorothée Boissier are opposites that attract.
Joyfully engaged in constant, creative disagreement, they find inspiration: more, it’s precisely this ceaseless game of verbal and mental ping-pong that gives form to their ideas. Partners in life and in design, each one has a specific role and style, but together they form a unified whole. If strict lines and a distinctive taste for fine woods can be attributed to Patrick Gilles, Dorothée, on her end, has a way with spatial fluidity, colours and intuitive elegance. It is this distinctive approach that has paved their road to success, with commissions all over the world.
Since 2004, they have designed a variety of projects from residential to hospitality projects, luxury boutiques and lifestyle restaurants. Yet, it is the constant refinement of their clients that has pushed them into designing wild Moncler stores for Remo Ruffini, along site his latest residence on Lake Como, Italy.

5 Most Famous Residential and Hospitality Design Studios In ParisLa Réserve Ramatuelle Hotel Spa 

Architect, city planner and designer, Jean-Michel Wilmotte was born in 1948 in Soissons (France). He founded his own architecture firm in Paris in 1975.
Jean-Michel Wilmotte takes an interest in everything in equal measure: from the most improbable to the most obvious, from the top of the range to the most economical, from the smallest thing to the most imposing. What does a door handle (designed for Hafi) have in common with large-scale sports facilities (the Allianz Riviera stadium)? Jean-Michel Wilmotte likes to go where no one expects him. This range of scale and activity allows him an excellent overview; he has the leisure of thinking afresh and “reinventing” each time, always upholding the same demanding level of quality and attention to detail. He formed his team with this in mind: a variety of skills, characters, nationalities, and expertise.


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