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Top 10 Paris-based Interior Designers
Top 10 Paris-based Interior Designers

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Article originally published on February 28, 2019


They are la crème de la crème in the interior design industry in France and each one of them has their own interior design style. We’ve talked about them before and probably will mention them again in the future, given that their projects are so creative, indulgent and true feasts for our eyes. They inspire us and they keep moving forward, setting new boundaries and amazing us with new approaches concerning home decor and interior design ideas. Here are the 10 Paris-based interior designers that you need to know.




Top 10 Paris-based Interior Designers

Alberto Pinto was not only a remarkable interior designer but also a traveler. Having finished the “Ecole du Louvre” in Paris, he founded a photography agency in New York specializing in interior design and decoration. This focus on design led Pinto to take up interior design almost four decades ago. His projects embrace a great variety of interiors from apartments and private homes, through residences, including bedroom interior design, ranches, palaces, offices, and hotels to yachts, jets, and castles.

11 Rue d’Aboukir, 75002 Paris, France.

Top 10 Paris-based Interior Designers
Well-traveled, Chahan Minassian has a personal style which combines high-end French-style decoration, American glamor and comfort and a sense of Eastern refinement. As an interior designer, Chahan Minassian’s first concern is space. He will often redesign the interior spaces in a project to improve their circulation. Against a restrained color palette of ivory, beige, taupe and bronze, with an occasional splash of blue or aubergine, he injects his passion for sophisticated and precious materials such as lacquer, and tortoiseshell. He created his firm, Chahan Interior Design, in 1993 in Paris and since then he designs commercial spaces for luxury brands and personalized atmospheres for private residences around the world.

12, rue de Beaune, 75007 Paris, France


Top 10 Paris-based Interior Designers
Didier Gomez is known in the industry for his creations for Yves Saint Laurent and De Beers, among others, and is doing beautiful interiors for more than 30 years now. Who was to say that he began his career as an opera singer before branching out into the world of interior and product design in 1985. His expertise is highly acclaimed. Winner of numerous design awards, he has designed boutiques, large stores, restaurants, apartments, houses and head offices all over the world.

73 Boulevard de Sébastopol, 75002 Paris, France


Top 10 Paris-based Interior Designers

Paris-based interior designer François Catroux’s has a long, successful career which granted him fame and recognition. He has been the decorator of choice for aristocrats, moguls, royals, and oligarchs alike since 1968 when he opened his Paris office. His VIP clients list includes Diane von Furstenberg and Barry Diller, Irina Abramovich, Prince and Princess Pavlos of Greece. If you want to know more about his best interior designs, you’ll find a new book, recently written by David Netto.


Top 10 Paris-based Interior Designers

Franz Potisek is passionate for interiors since an early age. With an eclectic taste, the interior designer developed an affection to objects from the most various years. And, as a true french man, he manages the Parisian style with mastery. Potisek is a classic, not limited to a period of ancient or modern history. Franz Potisek creates timeless interiors. And he always has the thought in mind that a house is meant to be a home – the place to live in.

5 Rue Manuel, 75009 Paris, France


Top 10 Paris-based Interior Designers

India Mahdavi was raised by a Persian father and Egyptian-English mother. As a result, her culturally diverse lifestyle is reflected in her inspired, eclectic designs, which range from homes, hotels, and commercial spaces to airplane interiors and furniture. Her design is characterized by a combination of humor, elegance, and sensuality. As one of the best architects and interior designers, India Mahdavi founded her studio in 1999 and opened her showroom in 2003 at the 3 rue las cases.

19 Rue las Cases, 75007 Paris, France.


Top 10 Paris-based Interior Designers

Jean-Louis Deniot has lived and breathed interior design from an early age. His natural aptitude for working with textures and patterns was perfected during his education in Paris and, after graduating in 2000, the visionary set up his interior design firm that year. Deniot tailors each of his projects to his client’s needs, using his travels for inspiration. His flair for nodding to past time periods and refined color palettes is the reason he’s been booked for an endless list of impressive projects. From designing out-of-this-world residential properties, Deniot has done it all.

39 Rue de Verneuil, 75007 Paris, France.


Top 10 Paris-based Interior Designers

Jean-Philippe Nuel has given his name to a succession of original projects. The first Baccarat hotel in Dubai, the Taj Hotel in India, Le Grand Balcon and the conversion of the Palais de Justice in Nantes are some of the most remarkable ones. In fact, there aren’t too many hotel designers who are able to create spaces like Jean-Philippe Nuel’s. His work goes beyond being just hip or trendy — he creates a kind of dreamscape in bedrooms using light, wall murals, and ethereal fabrics.

21 Boulevard de Bonne Nouvelle, 75002 Paris, France.

Top 10 Paris-based Interior Designers

Pierre Yves-Rochon and his team of amazing, talented designers is best known for exceptional hotels and restaurants interiors. Each unique space is composed of elements drawn from each property’s location, culture and history, supported by classic French style and ideals. Traditional and modern materials, textures and furniture combine to create new interiors that are elegant, engaging and soothing. Founded in 1979, PYR is world-renowned for its award-winning interior environments for hotels, private residences, and restaurants. Definitely one of the best interior designers, not only in France but in the world.

9 Avenue Matignon, 75008 Paris, France.

Top 10 Paris-based Interior Designers

Sarah Lavoine uses similar principles when it comes to interior design as the way she does while dressing herself. In her design projects, Sarah Lavoine never avoids the ordinary and works the total look. The designer does her best and knows how to mix and combine different items. According to her, there is nothing worse than when an entire room – or worse, an entire house – is designed with one theme all over. She recently published a new book titled «Chez Moi: Decorating Your Home and Living Like a Parisienne».

9 Rue Saint-Roch, 75001 Paris, France.




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