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Alexa Rhodier, The Lead Behind Sweet Home Staging
Alexa Rhodier, The Lead Behind Sweet Home Staging



Alexa Rhodier fell in love with interior design when she was little, and since then she never stopped loving it, until she created the opportunity to work on her dream, designing the most perfect settings. With experience in advertising and art, she learned all about interior design with Sveta Melchuk, and then created her own brand, Sweet Home Staging, in 2008. Today, Paris Design Agenda tells you the story of this amazing interior designer.


Meet Alexa Rhodier, an incredible French interior designer that leads her own design company, Sweet Home Staging, since 2008. She pursued that dream, after acquiring incredible knowledge with Sveta Melchuk, from Home Staging Montreal. With a background in advertising and art, it was obvious that this was the right path for her professional journey.


With a love for interior design since she was young, you can see that Alexa Rhodier’s future in interior design is more than obvious, due to her incredibly talented projects. She features a Modern Mid-Century concept, that carries a few subtle elements of contemporary touches. These idealizations are part of the designer’s identity, which she built throughout the years while gaining experience.


A talented decorator, Alexa Rhodier specializes in home staging, where she guides her clients every step of the way. She’s able to evaluate their concerns, their needs, and illustrate their tastes and final vision of what it should be. Combining all those actions, she perfectly reflects their understanding, creating the most beautiful settings.


She makes sure that she accompanies her clients in her decoration and landscaping projects. Whether it’s a residential, hospitality or retail project, she likes to create “home-like” atmospheres. Her main goal is to give the clients the opportunity to feel absolutely comfortable while standing in the most magnificent spaces.


Sweet Home Staging helps clients to find their style on the context of home living, having the ability to make you feel at home, with the most incredible settings, along with bespoke pieces of furniture, displayed by Alexa Rhodier



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