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Discover The Timeless Interiors By CM Studio Paris
Discover The Timeless Interiors By CM Studio Paris

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CM Studio Paris stands as a French-based interior design studio that was born out of the necessity to create a natural, almost sensual, coherence between the exterior and interior of a space. The wonder duo joined forces on this one brand, standing out for the most ostentatious and bespoke settings you’ll ever see. Today, Paris Design Agenda would like to present this design firm that needs no introduction.


Credits by CM Studio Paris

Introducing one of the most amazing design studios that are experts in achieving classic yet luxurious settings. CM Studio Paris highlights the importance of harmonizing the time-period and style of a building’s façade with the interior architecture and design. They are able to create the perfect balance between the interior and exterior, making it seem like there was a connection since the beginning.


Credits by CM Studio Paris

They believe that they’re “dream creators” because the duo gives special attention to the quality of details. They take into consideration the relationship of a room with its dimensions, closely examine the symmetry and fluidity of architecture, the poetry of decor, the sensuality of materials, and the refinement of finishes. Their projects share an intellectual process by which they combine antique and decorative pieces meticulously sourced from around the world.


Credits by CM Studio Paris

John Coury and Florent Maillard’s design firm loves to create the illusion of timelessness in the interior of a property; a feeling that each element has been in its place since the beginning of time. Also, they make their goal of capturing the essence and poetry of a space, whilst simultaneously magnifying it. Their ambition is to construct bespoke residences that are truly timeless, and that is able to feel inspirational throughout the years.


Credits by CM Studio Paris

Each project is custom made for each client, due to their belief of paying the full attention to each project’s client. They like to maintain a close relationship with them, where they want to understand their tastes, vision, and personality. Through each project, you can observe the massive attention to detail and the richness of the pieces displayed.


Credits by CM Studio Paris

Since 2004, this partnership has created personal projects, both in France and internationally until, persuaded by their entourage, they decided to focus on interior architecture, design, and decoration. With that motivation, John Coury and Florent Maillard decided to create the amazing CM Studio Paris!


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