Equp’hotel 2014 16 – 20 Nov – Paris Design Agenda

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Equp'hotel 2014 16 - 20 Nov Equp'hotel 2014 16 - 20 Nov Equp’hotel 2014 16 – 20 Nov slideshow
Equp’hotel 2014 16 – 20 Nov

The next Sunday, 16 November, the essential trade show for all Horeca professionals will open and this year, a lot of new services are expected. In this trade show you can expect a lot services from sectors like hospitality to the catering industry.

Equip’Hotel is good for having 5 exhibition sectors to split the different needs in the entire industry. More than 110 thousands of visitors will be present to see the services and products of 1600 exhibitors. 500 experts will give debates and at least 70 Michelin starred chefs presents.

Another particularity is that the show is at same time for generalist and specialists. So, if you are visitor you can totally look for inspirations and buy only what you need and invest in something bigger if you want. The areas you can find inside are: Studio des chefs, Resto des Chefs, Studio Cuisine, Resto des Chefs de Collectivités, Studio Bar, Studio Arts de la Table, Room Studio, Studio Déco.

The exhibition fair will end at 20 November.

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