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Gaze At Gérard Faivre's Project On A Luxury Parisian Apartment
Gaze At Gérard Faivre’s Project On A Luxury Parisian Apartment



Gérard Faivre is mainly known for being the interior designer behind the revolution of the important concept of luxury real estate in Paris. Aside from being the mind that created the amazing concept “Art Homes”, he’s also responsible for a unique type of signature that is taking Parisian interior design by storm. His sophisticated projects are all over to impress every interior design aficionado. Today, Paris Design Agenda takes you on a tour through one of his best projects yet!


Credits by Gérard Faivre

What we present to you is one of Gérard Faivre‘s works inserted within his “Art Homes” projects. It’s a lovely luxury apartment in Saint Germain des Prés Paris that has a couple of lovely and unique decor details that truly give the strength to the project of the French interior designer.


Credits by Gérard Faivre

Gérard Faivre successfully developed a contemporary project that blends in a couple of traditional and contemporary design elements in decoration. He does this in order to give a timeless and modern style to any interior he takes on. One thing is certain: the designer never repeats a concept entirely either in one of his projects or in the different divisions of the house he’s handling.


Credits by Gérard Faivre

There are many little details that give this home a modern touch, such as the photography of a Parisian street as a wallpaper, the geometry in the tapestry in the living room, a nude sculpture in the bathroom sink, along with other elements in little accessories placed here and there. The classical elements really show in elements such as the fireplace mantle in the living room, and the presentation of this room as a whole.


Credits by Gérard Faivre

In Gérard Faivre’s, point of view, the world should be linked to three elements: design, decoration, and architecture. Regardless of the upcoming trends, the French designer always stood as a firm defender of the fusion of original creations with eco-responsible elements such as an autonomous house, and innovative material. This project is one among many that show this tendency to mix in old and new, a trend that’s been making him unique among many other designers


Credits by Gérard Faivre

When it comes to defining his style and projects, Gérard Faivre definitely said it best in one of our previous articles regarding his work:


“Our offer is very different from that of traditional real estate agents and especially that of interior designers. It is an alternative that responds to the demand of a foreign clientele that wants to have a few concerns as possible when it wants to acquire a property. And each time, it’s love at first sight, an encounter, an emotion.”


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