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Improve Your Kid's Bedroom With This Mid-Century Lighting Collection!
Improve Your Kid’s Bedroom With This Mid-Century Lighting Collection!

Discover our novelties, perfect for this Fall Season


Meet the unveil of a Mid-Century Lighting Collection from one of the most amazing brands for kids, Circu Magical Funiture! Stagnation and riding along old glory aren’t at the core of the magical brand’s business. But, to inspire, surprise, and deliver is. Lighting pieces are one of the most important features in a kids’ bedroom, and it can’t be just any light piece. Thus, a partnership with Delightfull, a prominent lighting brand in the interior design business. The result of it is the Graphic Collection, where you can choose from a wide array of letters, styles, and symbols to add that special something to the project.



This incredible graphic collection provides you with a  way to extra personalize your kids’ bedrooms. Just chose your kids’ initials, favorite colors, and style and you’re good to go!


Some Examples of the Graphic Collection

The Letter W is here to bring a WOW moment to your design project. With its sleek forms, this lightning option adds a state of pureness and stillness to any room design.



Embellished with a turquoise neon color in the bulbs, the Letter Q will be the quizzical element in your indoor or outdoor decor. With its round shape design, this lighting option will add softness and freshness to any room design.




Standing for imagination the Letter I am going to upgrade your room design with more magic details! This handmade marquee letter will bring all the nostalgia from the college years to the parents, and kids will relate it to the exciting and famous Pixar movie Monsters University.




Dreamer and dynamic are how we describe the Letter D. With its creative design, this luxurious lamp will give in an instant a splash of fun into your project design. With 16 bulbs and color customizable, this marquee letter will take your breath away with the glamorous touch of stainless steel. To make it even more perfect, this unique lamp can be place it on the floor or wall.



The graphic Letter B brightens up any room design with its round deco shape combined with a mixture of gold, black and blue. Inspired by the icons of the art decor times, B stands for beauty, bohemian, brightness. This modern light will not only be a fun element you can use on your decor but will also add the right amount of luxury and elegance to any project with this Mid-Century Lighting Collection.




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