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Some of the Best Jewellery Designers in Paris
Some of the Best Jewellery Designers in Paris

Paris shelters some of the most fantastic designers of the finest jewelry in the world. If I speak about the Place Vendôme, you will directly think about Chaumet, Dior or Cartier. The French savoir-faire in jewelry is known all around the world, and the mythic houses of the capital didn’t forget to teach the new generation how to do. I invite you to take a look at the best new Jewellery designers you can find in Paris this year.


Jewellery designer



Anatheine, it is the story of a girl that jailed gold and flowers inside crystal stones. Anaïs Berthelot was trained as a graphic designer and she is becoming a name to know on the capital. The jewelry designer is only presenting us two products online for the moment, but each piece is unique because of the hand-made process and the natural constraints.

How to order a pair of hearings Anatheine?
Online on


Elise Tsikis

Jewellery designers

Elise Tsikis is born in Paris raised by a family with greek origins, from her dad side. She started her studies at the Chambre Syndicale de la couture Parisienne, followed by the Arts Décoratifs of Paris. In 2014, after she made her experience at Christian Dior and Jacadis in Paris and Massimo Dutti in Barcelona, she decided to open her own jewelry design brand. Her guideline? Nature and exotism. She considers brut materials and natural colors, mixed with precious stones for her creations. Elise Tsikis invite us to Corsica for her next summer collection with a sweet mix of floral patterns and gold textures.

Where to find Elise Tsikis’s shop?
26, rue Berger
75001, Paris

Anais Rheiner

Jewellery designers

Anais Rheiner is a citizen of the world. She is born in Switzerland and grew up in Zimbabwe. She started her training at the Gold Center at Harare in Zimbabwe, before going to the Central Saint Martins College of London. She finally obtains the national diploma of jewelry at the technologic University of Durban (South Africa) in 2006. One year later she creates her brand. Her inspiration comes mainly from Africa. The pieces are brut, most of them in gold, and the small number of precious stones used are emeraudes, perles, and diamonds. Rewarded several times for her work, Anais Rheiner is a designer to discover now in Paris.

Where to find Anais Rheiner?
6 rue Cardinale
75006, Paris


Catherine Gourgoury

Jewellery designers

Catherine Gourgoury has worked 15 years for subcontractors of mythic houses from the place Vendôme when she decided in 2012, to start her own brand. As an ex workshop manager, she knows exactly how to produce the most perfect jewels. Her work is made with noble materials and her pieces show off a really geometrical and architectural design. She even signed one of her ring by her initials “CG” and revisited the signet ring. Obviously, all of that is Made in France.

Where to find Catherine Gourgoury
21, Boulevard Haussman
75009, Paris


Margi Darika

Jewellery designers

Margi Darika, it is a brand created in 2014 by Mélanie Desplat. It is after theaters studies and a work experience that she decides to become a jewelry designer. The travels she made gave her the idea of that name that means “Virgin Traveller”. It also gave her inspiration for her pieces that are a mix of colors and materials. Margi Darika cumulate also a total of 13 500 followers on Instagram where she publishes her new creations. Everything is made in France, the creations are handmade, only some precious stones are coming from India or Italy. What’s next? They want to launch pure gold products.

Where to find Margi Darika?
94, rue Lonchamp
16th arrondissement, Paris


Mara Paris

Jewellery designers

Mara Paris is the project of a Turkish architect and designer called Ayça Özbank Taşkan. She made the major part of her studies in Italy, first in Venezia and then in Milan where she received a Master degree from the Politecnico di Milano. After living in Helsinki and Berlin, she finally decides to stop in Paris where she starts her brand Mara Paris. The urban style pieces are mainly influenced by architecture and modern art. The materials used as 925 sterling silver or Vermeil give to this work an elegant and futuristic side.

How to contact Mara Paris?


Nouvel Amour

Jewellery designers

Nouvel amour is the story of Delphine Pariente and her talent to create jewelry for 20 years. Thanks to her first brand, that owned her name, she opened several shops all around the country. Finally, in 2017, the jewelry designer decides to rename her brand “Nouvel Amour”. Her pieces are a lot inspired by a childhood with small stars that come to make the design of rings or neckless. Personalized messages can be engraved on a selection of pieces and send to the person you love.

Where to find the creation of Nouvel Amour?

31, rue du four,
75006, Paris

Marie Mas

Jewellery designers

Marie Mas owned the name of its creator, Marie. After studies at the Ecole Duperré and at the IFM, Marie begins to work for Florence Croisier and Shourouk. In 2012, she entered at Christian Dior where she develops her savoir-faire in jewelry design. 3 years later, she finally creates her own brand. Inspired by the submarine environment, her pieces are expressing movement, with a precious stone hiding another. Hand-made, the pieces displayed amethyst, topaz, diamonds, and quartz.

Where to find Marie Mas?
64 Boulevard Haussman
75009, Paris


And … Paris

Jewellery designers

AND, was created by a young French lady called Alizée Guinochet. From a jewelers family – her granddad was specialized in precious stones place Vendôme and her mom had her own brand – it is natural that she came to New York studying the new technics of jewels creation. She decided to create only pieces that she could wear. The fine and minimalistic style of her gold creations seduced directly the American ladies that found it terribly french. In 2016, she came back to Paris where she continued to create, keeping in mind her guideline, Simplicity, and Distinction.

Where to find AND…Paris?
66 avenue des champs élysées
75008 Paris


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You have now plenty of choice for your next shopping escape in Paris. Enjoy your tour !



Jewellery designer

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