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Laplace, Behind The Concept Of High-End Design
Laplace, Behind The Concept Of High-End Design

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Laplace is a renowned interior designer and architectural company founded by Luis Laplace and Christophe Comoy in 2004. Since then, they have been developing amazing projects for international clients, focusing on high-end design, every design aficionado’s dream come true. Today, Paris Design Agenda will present the journey of this spectacular design company!


Credits by Laplace

This design knows perfectly how to manage space and light that is established in every project they embrace. Their design concept also sits on the balance of local cultures and traditions, selection of materials and color as well as a passion for art and craftsmanship. Their main goal is to combine modern simplicity with great elegance at its fullest.


Credits by Laplace

Laplace sits on a high-trained professional spirit, with a calling for interior design. His hard work, along with his talent and commitment is definitely what makes him stand out from all the other French-based designers, and also on a worldwide level. He believes in the joined forces of aesthetical and functional places, embellished by the most astounding and bespoke pieces.


Credits by Laplace

By creating each setting with thorough attention to detail, Laplace is able to tell a story with each piece, establishing an unspoken depth into the projects that you can feel and be amazed. Covering all bases, this interior design company excels in architecture, interior architecture, and decoration. That excellence’s only achievable through a close relationship with every client that carries a specific taste and vision.


Credits by Laplace

Through the constant dialogue with their dear clients, they’re able to develop a feeling of mutual trust and consequently, the delivery of the most idyllic project, perfectly reflecting the client’s expectations, through the timeless and elegant design. Laplace may assist clients in their quest for their ideal home by visiting the house before the acquisition, defining budgets for renovation and interiors, and many other services.


Credits by Laplace

The design firm shares the talent of 25 experts within the areas of architecture, interior design, and design. With the full strength of every team member, Laplace is the obvious choice for the famous 100 list of Architectural Digest 2020!


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