Maison Et Objet 2020: The Origin Of Objet De Curiosité’s Firm – Paris Design Agenda


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Maison Et Objet 2020: The Origin Of Objet De Curiosité's Firm
Maison Et Objet 2020: The Origin Of Objet De Curiosité’s Firm

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Maison et Objet 2020 is almost here and it’s time to get to know all about one of the year’s most esteemed design events of the year. Today, Paris Design Agenda will be talking about the story behind Objet de Curiosité at M&O 2020, the wonders of the world and beyond. Scroll down to know more about this incredible and creative firm!


Grange-Jaricot and his wife, Lilau, collect curiosities. And what started out as simply their passion has since grown into a fully-fledged business. Their appropriately named firm, ‘Objet de Curiosité’, supplies customers with astonishing, rare and poetic finds, the kind only nature itself can supply. Prehistoric wonders, rare stones, astonishing insects and many others are a big part of this firm.


It’s by no means unusual for certain individuals to spend their entire afternoon marveling at the pieces on display at the pair’s MAISON&OBJET stand. “They clearly feel like children again – you can see it in their eyes” explains Lilau with a smile. It’s the same story every single time: visitors’ eyes are initially caught by the multi-hued array of stones and the elegantly styled decor, part Tim Burton, part Jules Verne. And then they get reeled in by the fascinating stories of Pierre-Emmanuel’s quests.



His network of contacts includes Siberian reindeer herders, who have been known to discover mammoths frozen in the ice. He’s on first-name terms with the world’s best entomologists, from the forests of Costa Rica to the rice paddies of Java. On returning home, it’s even been known for his suitcase to be laden with lacrymatories, tiny antique vessels filled with tears that followed the dearly departed to their tombs.


Pierre-Emmanuel’s passion for entomology, the study of insects, began when he was a child, then naturally grew into a love of geology whilst fossil hunting in the Ardèche mountains. Multicolored jasper sketches out Picasso-esque forms, labradorite emits a dazzling sheen, Indonesian Garut stone, sliced like an agate, can reveal landscapes worthy of a Japanese print. Every single item comes with its own QR code, unlocking access to its unique background story. Pierre-Emmanuel’s family were the founders of Lyons-based furniture manufacturer, Grange, which meant he grew up living and breathing design.



Lilau was a librarian. When the family business was eventually sold at the turn of the XXIst century, the couple decided to launch their very own self-styled brand. Lilau designs wallpaper with nature-inspired patterns, furniture, and sophisticated accessories. She’s the creative mind responsible for framing, arranging and staging the couple’s curiosities, often looking to the XIXth century for inspiration.



She loves nothing more than working her magic on flea market finds, painting Henri II or 1930s furnishings black and then switching up a few small details to give them a decidedly modern vibe, their neo-Renaissance or Art Deco style a nod to the curiosity cabinets of days gone by. Twice a year for the past twenty years, Maison et Objet 2020 has become their showroom.


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