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Meet The Harmonious Studio KO
Meet The Harmonious Studio KO

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Studio KO is an exceptional interior design company that focuses on the best of interior design, completing amazing projects, that are absolutely luxurious. A great selection of fabrics and materials are some of the main definitions of this French-based design firm. Today, Paris Design Agenda invites you to find out more about this prestigious company!


Credits by Studio KO

The Paris-based dynamic duo, Karl Fournier and Olivier Marty are the protagonists behind Studio KO’s mesmerizing projects that can be seen all over the world, from Paris to Gabon as well as Los Angeles and Corsica. They’re also very well known for the design of the Yves Saint Laurent Museum in the city of Marrakech which was created in order to celebrate the life and work of the legendary French fashion designer.


Credits by Studio KO

They share an amazing and modernist aesthetic inspired by allusions to antiquity and society, which represents their work in every project. While Marty and Fournier are best recognized for their minimalist villas set in idyllic spaces, their projects also sit on luxury restaurants, boutiques, and hotels across New York, Paris, and London.


Credits by Studio KO

Studio KO sits on an architecture practice with offices in Paris, London, and Marrakesh. Founded in 2000, the studio is defined by a unique design identity, with tactile compositions in concrete, glass, and local and natural materials. They share a famous list of clients such as Francis Ford Coppola, André Balazs, Marella Agnelli, Balmain, and many others.


Credits by Studio KO

The design firm has been working across the United States such as a Balmain boutique in downtown Manhattan, and on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. In every project they embrace, Studio KO gives it all, creating dreamy settings, perfect for every interior design aficionado.


Credits by Studio KO

This professional and talented duo is able to complete each with the set of skills they have, joining forces into the most perfect result. Studio KO establishes a legacy that goes beyond time, and it is exciting to see what’s coming next!



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