New video clip of Beyoncé “partition” is in Paris – Paris Design Agenda

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New video clip of Beyoncé “partition” is in Paris New video clip of Beyoncé “partition” is in Paris New video clip of Beyoncé “partition” is in Paris Beyonce Partition
New video clip of Beyoncé “partition” is in Paris

And again, Beyoncé is spoken. Last time you could saw her was during the Super Bowl or also on Grammys Awards where she put the audience on fire. Now, she is presenting her new album which was release in secret and already achieves 1.7 Millions of shells in the US. The project of this album named “Beyoncé” is to add to each single a video clip and it’s about the last video clip released that I will present you today which has the particularity to be in Paris at a moment.

Looking at the video “Partition” I think Beyoncé worked on the way to prove she is the sexiest diva competing against the very hot duo Rihanna and Shakira. In the video, you can found her exposing what she has of most well made. The final scène is the one who make me wright this article, Beyoncé make a very sexy dance in front of her husband Jay-z surrounded by a smoke cloud and you can hear some French words like “est-ce que tu aimes le sexe”. The entire scène was captured in the prestigious Parisian cabaret Crazy Horse.

For now I will let you enjoy the video clip.

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