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Pan Architecture Designs A Geometric Residence In Provence
Pan Architecture Designs A Geometric Residence In Provence



Pan Architecture is a Marseille interior design architecture firm that has designed an iconic private residence in the town of Gréasque, in Provence. This project stands as a perfect homage to innovative and breakthrough design, including amazing outdoor spaces, and broad rooms, filled with natural light. Today, Paris Design Agenda unveils the special corners of this amazing family residence.


Credits by Pan Architecture

Pan Architecture is a Marseille-based firm that was founded by Jean-Luc Fugier and Mathieu Barbier Bouvet, two prestigious architects that share the same vision when it comes down to the excellence within the architectural concept. That forward-thinking method on their company, allows them to create the most amazing and creative projects.


Credits by Pan Architecture

Filled with amazing projects across the country, Pan Architecture has designed one amazing family home in the small town of Gréasque, in Provence. This home is located on the most peaceful of places, which is an idyllic rural environment largely covered by oak and pine trees. The project establishes the connection between housing development and forest, where they take advantage of the site’s morphology and natural topography.


Credits by Pan Architecture

While involved in this challenging project, Pan Architecture was inspired by the surrounding houses and made sure to create something that would really stand out from the standard concept of Provençal housing. A simple linear geometry placed on a hill makes it possible to use the climatic and visual qualities of the site. This project is a perfect home suitable for a family that loves to be outdoors and enjoy life while being surrounded by the most perfect views!


Credits by Pan Architecture

This project aims to make the home capable of protecting itself from the major winds, as well as its residents, by opening towards the landscape. The openings are oriented north towards the view of the local mountain, the Sainte-Victoire, and south towards a green and wide garden.


Credits by Pan Architecture

In order to value the local craftsmanship, the project plays with the concrete’s expressiveness, with a rough white architectural concrete that creates a deep bond between the project and the limestone environment. This Provençal home maintains a magnified relationship to the landscape: an open house with an unusual geometric shape amidst the french fields, and that was the main goal of this amazing company that is Pan Architecture.

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