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Peter Marino Designed The Graff Luxury Store In Paris
Peter Marino Designed The Graff Luxury Store In Paris

Article originally published on March 25, 2020




Peter Marino has designed the ultimate retail space in the heart of Paris, a luxury store for the Graff luxury brand. This modern interior design space is recognized as both luxurious and spacious. The gold accents, along with the marble touches are the ones that really bring this retail space to life. Join Paris Design Agenda and discover everything about this brand new space!


The high-end brand Graff is recognized for searching the most marvelous and iconic diamonds on earth and also for showcasing expensive and luxury jewels with a unique design. All this world of sophistication is inside the new Graff’s store in Paris: a modern interior design project by one of the best interior designers in the world – Peter Marino.


A wall covered in thousands of peacock feathers, several mirrors and extraordinary pieces to wear – the Graff’s new luxury store in Paris expresses the best of the unique design by Peter Marino. His modern design is inspired in this faith related to harmony between the co-existence of contemporary architecture and luxury interior design.


As one of the best interior designers, his work has helped redefine the luxury worldwide, highlighting materiality, texture, scale, light and the constant dialogue between interior and exterior: for these reasons, Peter Marino offers a rich catalog of eclectic and contemporary interior design projects featuring luxury furniture pieces. Graff’s new store is one of the most recent works that prove this fact.


Located in Rue Saint-Honore, Graff’s new luxury store’s mission is to attract a new audience. The nearly 4,000-square-foot store is a beauty, decorated with bold glam by Peter Marino. And, as you know from his previous retail projects, this top interior designer does not recoil on his personal and professional life, and the result of each project perfectly reflects his ambition and commitment towards the design world!


There’s an abundance of sparkling surfaces, whether gold-dusted marble flooring, silvery velvet luxury furniture, sparkling rock crystal chandeliers, mirrored walls worthy of Versailles and glass vitrines resembling faceted gemstones: a marvelous and luxury interior design – one of the greatest places in Paris to elevate a luxury lifestyle.


A contemporary entryway with an exclusive sideboard

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