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Philippe Starck Designed Outdoor Furniture For B&B Italia
Philippe Starck Designed Outdoor Furniture For B&B Italia



Article originally published on March 13, 2020


Philippe Starck is part of the best interior designers of the French market, as well as on a worldwide level. He has delivered many incredible accomplishments, from furniture collections to stunning interior design projects. To anticipate the summer season that’s upon us in a few months, Paris Design Agenda would like to show you his design contribute to outdoor furniture collection for B&B Italia!


Philippe Starck is known for his amazing boldness when it comes to design. B&B Italia it’s no different from this concept since both design experts create luxurious and original designs. Imagine a world where these two collaborate… no need to dream anymore! This partnership has happened and the result is absolute stunning and impressive.


Named “Oh, it Rains!” series, this collaboration sits on a collection of outdoor seating with foldable backrests that can cover the seat to protect it from the elements. It features a sofa and an armchair with simple, rectangular seats that are dwarfed by outsized, protruding backrests. When these are folded down, it covers a surface area both longer and wider than the seat itself to keep out moisture.


Starck did this collection, to really give his take on outdoor furniture, due to the fact that placing an outdoor fabric on existing furniture is not the solution to create a specific and yet beautiful outdoor collection. With that in mind, the designer decided to create a spectrum of solutions with B&B Italia, in order to create true outdoor pieces.


In each piece, there’s a fold-down mechanism that works via an exposed aluminium hinge – a mechanical joint created especially by Starck in collaboration with the company’s research and development team. Due to its size, the backrest also forms a kind of modular wall, that can be used to separate spaces and create privacy.


The designer chose a raffia-reminiscent texture to give the design beachside appeal while still being completely waterproof. Other recent experiments by Philippe Starck also include upholstery made from an apple-based vegan fabric. It’s safe to say that this collaboration between the prestigious brands was an absolute success!

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