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Studio 10surdix, When Design Meets A Family Affair
Studio 10surdix, When Design Meets A Family Affair


Studio 10surdix is a design firm that was created amongst the family, in 2013, by Marion, Mathieu, and Guillaume. This interior design firm is located right on the heart of Paris, at 10 rue cassette in the 6th arrondissement. There they feature a showroom, where they invite every design lover to discover and fall in love with their universe. Join Paris Design Agenda, and find out more about this magnificent group!


Credits by Studio 10surdix

Family shows always the best version of ourselves, either personally or professionally, and this family, in particular, is no different. Their talent as a family made them took a step even forward, where they created a full-service design firm. They also present a showroom that’s filled with original selections, for every type of taste.


Credits by Studio 10surdix

Their design office is dedicated to architecture and interior design, and it shares the main goal:
to personally advise every client in order to deliver a project that reflects the client’s image while taking into consideration their taste and vision. It’s through this belief that they stand out from every other design company, attention to detail is key!


Credits by Studio 10surdix

When it comes to the creation of luxurious settings, they leave nothing to chance. They’re able to mix Modern and Contemporary styles and Mid-Century and excel both contrasts without being distasteful. One of the perfect example is this Clark suspension lamp piece that brings the whole setting to life, amnd although it’s not a big piece, it is able to transform the concept achieved.


Credits by Studio 10surdix

The mixture between styles it’s what really makes them thrive in their design profession. By trying new things and experimenting, they’re able to achieve amazing results that you wouldn’t expect at first hand. This Monocles sideboard in a perfect golden tone accentuates the large wall, along with a big and irregular mirror, which together vibe perfectly.


Credits by Studio 10surdix

Their showroom also includes the agency and the design office for all interior design projects, but also the place to showcase all things design that are a big part of their design identity and concept. There, you’ll be able to discover amazing pieces of furniture, lighting, accessories, coatings, and many others. Studio 10surdix has it all, and they make to guide you through every step of the creative process!


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