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Studio MHNA: Limitless Imagination On Amazing Projects
Studio MHNA: Limitless Imagination On Amazing Projects

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Studio MHNA is an amazing Paris-based design and architectural studio that was founded by Marc Hertrich and Nicolas Adnet. This full-service design firm is one of the brightest and most imaginative designs and architectural studios in France! In fact, this amazing studio has been imagining, optimizing and designing scenarios for over thirty years. Today, Paris Design Agenda is about to share with you the journey of these creative minds!


Meet Studio MHNA, one of the pillars of interior architecture, interior decorating and design. As a design company, it offers a certain vision of elegance, a cultured, respectful and approving look at history, but which is also curious about new technologies, arts and crafts, and culture which transcends all barriers. Together, they create the most amazing projects, establishing concepts that are absolutely extraordinary.


Situated somewhere between analyses, a study on functionality, a laboratory for ideas, and a piece of momentary poetry, Marc Hertrich & Nicolas Adnet tell stories from around the world in homes, hotels, spas and restaurants and other places which they invent. All of their projects carry the true essence of the creative philosophy of Marc Hertrich and Nicolas Adnet and they will continue to surprise us with stunning projects!


The story of this studio began when Marc Hertrich (that by that time had his own agency) decided to stop over in Paris, where he would have a memorable meeting that would give new impetus to his agency’s production. He met a man passionate about elegance, a self-taught man who was then working for Lanvin: Nicolas Adnet, introduced by a mutual friend.


Even though they have two completely different personalities and characters, Hertrich and Adnet quickly understood the synergy which existed between them as one of life’s gifts, joined forces and developed new projects together, imagining decoration as if writing a scenario with joy and motivation. Their cooperation marked a new departure: that of large scale projects throughout the world.


Together, they personalize their accomplishments with the natural richness of the places which they inhabit. Being inspired not only by local culture, traces, and traditions but also by the unmistakable talent contributed by craftspeople, true partners in creation. With those principles well defined, Studio MHNA is recognized as a prestigious design company that provides absolute magnificence!



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