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Top 10 Furniture Stores In Paris
Top 10 Furniture Stores In Paris

Article originally published on July 15, 2019

L´Chandelier Boca do Lobo

If you’re planning on a trip to Paris, and during that time you want to find the most exquisite shops in the city specialising in the interior design and luxury furniture sectors, you might want to take a look into this article. In any of these furniture stores in Paris, you will find handpicked homeware to turn your home from flatpack to fantastique. It’s all about the small shop. You won’t find many chains here.


Cabinets Boca do Lobo




Top 10 Furniture Stores In Paris

Luka Luna
Full of interesting nicknacks and gifts at moderate prices, this is a cleverly curated shop that stocks everything from home decor (placemats, pot holders, clocks and wall art) to beautiful locally made jewellery in copper, silver and gold, as well as purses and wallets and even lamps and calendars.


Top 10 Furniture Stores In Paris

For over 25 years, Silvera has been a specialist in furniture design and layout of offices, commercial spaces and housing in France and abroad. I this furniture store you’ll be offered a wide selection of contemporary products and design.


Top 10 Furniture Stores In Paris

Carrelages du Marais
Since 1977, Bertrand Damoiseau surround by the greatest collaborators and since then he manufactures and distributes handmade tiles of high quality as well as beautiful ceramics from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Here you will find the finest home decor and furniture pieces.


Top 10 Furniture Stores In Paris

This amazing furniture shop in Paris, a trend-setter in matters of design and lifestyle furnishings, creates and distributes designer furniture collections, light fixtures, textiles, tableware and decorative objects, to a highly discerning French and international customers in its three boutiques and professional showroom. Sentou’s sophisticated products marry modernity with poetry, and include distinctive creations such as original and exclusive designs.


Top 10 Furniture Stores In Paris

Specializing in furniture from the 50’s and 60’s, Carouche selects iconic pieces of the industrial era of the twentieth century, rarities and curiosities from the US, but also furniture and everyday objects. It isn’t an ordinary furniture store, but a singular second hand showroom. The furniture shop’s creative identity results from the combination of colors, materials and modern materials. Each piece comes with its own experience and history. Owner Caroline Giraud has been painting and polishing to give found items new life for ten years – she’s travelled the world, particularly the US, to collect furniture from offices, factories, architects and farms.


Top 10 Furniture Stores In Paris

Spread over nearly 350 square metres, Fleux offers a plethora of decorative and colourful design pieces. Opened in 2005, Luc Moulin’s and Gaétan Aucher’s boutique focuses on two key concepts: the superfluous and the luxurious.


Top 10 Furniture Stores In Paris

If you can afford it, buy just about everything in this store. There’s a great selection of furniture, furnishings and lamps. Going to the City Of Light and visiting this furniture shop will definitely have you thinking your home decor fairy godmothers designed this place with you in mind. Luxury and indulgence it’s all about it.


Top 10 Furniture Stores In Paris

L’Autre Sens
At this furniture shop you’ll find ethical and responsibly sourced objets, the majority from local French businesses that make use of natural and recycled materials. This boutique is constantly reinventing itself, with new products often being tested alongside the wide and original selection of design pieces.


Les Mauvaises Graines

Les Mauvaises Graines
Opened in 2010, the store offers wide range of plants suited to urban living – pretty things to add a touch of green to a living room or balcony, grown in the store’s private nursery. They also offer ready-made rock gardens and landscape design service.



Many lovely, quality creations fill this furniture shop where each piece of furniture, porcelain, silk has been carefully selected. Storie is a tiny, open space bathed in light a few steps from the Montparnasse Tower. It’s stocked with lightbulb-shaped vases, patterned cushions, pewter picture frames: everything needed to add a touch of luxury to a home.


When planning a trip to Paris, there are a few stops you need to assure. And part of living like a parisian is about wandering through the streets of the city and finding luxury and good designs in the window displays. These stores will show you all the most beautiful furniture pieces, for they are the best furniture shops in Paris!




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