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Michael Malapert, The Artist Behind Maison Malapert
Michael Malapert, The Artist Behind Maison Malapert



Michael Malapert is the French-based genius behind the interior design firm, Maison Malapert. He’s responsible for the creation of amazing and unique places, filled with bespoke and luxurious furniture. Constantly inspired by many things design, he looks to create more than a simple setting but also to evoke a sensorial experience. Today, Paris Design Agenda presents the exciting journey of this amazing designer.


Credits by Maison Malapert

Michael Malapert is the designer behind Maison Malapert, a top interior design firm that features amazing interior projects, that are both unique and luxurious. His ability for design, makes him perceive behind the normal standards of each concept. What may not be considered a part of the design, Michael is able to transform it and make it not only possible, but also exceptionally beautiful.


Credits by Maison Malapert

Some of his projects sit on hospitality ones, where luxury and sophistication are an absolute necessity. That means that he looks for extraordinary pieces, that stand out in large spaces such as the ones on hotels, restaurants, and bars. The perfect piece to illustrate it is definitely this Galliano wall lighting piece, which plays a major role in the life of this setting.


Credits by Maison Malapert

He has a calling when it comes to choosing the perfect piece to place amongst so many others. The secret between the perfect lighting, accessorizing and upholstery? Only Michael Malapert knows that, but the bold choice of placing this Brubeck gold-accented wall lighting piece in this set shows that the designer is not afraid to take risks, because the final result is perfect.


Credits by Maison Malapert

His journey was filled with experiences! He graduated from the Saint-Etienne School of Art and Design and then joined Philippe Starck‘s teams. After, he took on large-scale projects in Shanghai, Bangkok, London, and Marrakech. In 2007 he decided to return to Paris, the city he loves to create his own studio of design and interior architecture.


Credits by Maison Malapert

According to Michael, “I am the synthesis of an architect father, perfectly mastering the spaces and a homeopath mother concerned with the balances of life”. Michael Malapert continues to perfectly develop the most eccentric and special interior projects that deserve the attention of every design lover.

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