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Admire Amélie du Chalard's Home in Paris
Admire Amélie du Chalard’s Home in Paris

Amélie du Chalard is a French gallerist that shares an amazing background in art and culture, so it’s obvious to assume that her home is a walk-in gallery. Inside the young Parisian’s double-height apartment, every surface from floor to ceiling is adorned with art. Today, Paris Design Agenda is about to show you some of the corners of this exceptional artist, that focuses on a Modern Mid-Century style.


Amélie du Chalard’s home is an absolute masterpiece, a walk-in art gallery if you will! Everything she owns is exceptionally exposed, as one art piece should be, and that is because Amélie has a soft spot and passion for art, besides making it a career, since she’s a recognized gallerist. She understands the degree of importance that a displayed piece of art has to an artist, and she completely respects that.


A contemporary entryway with an exclusive sideboard


By 2017, Amélie opened an art gallery and found the perfect site to do so in the up-and-coming 9th arrondissement, often referred to as the “Brooklyn of Paris.” She also was able to transform the ground-level unit of a townhouse into an art-gallery-meets-sophisticated-home where visitors can experience the works in the context of real living space.


Amélie decided to furnish the apartment with a perfect combination of vintage and contemporary pieces, due to the specifics of this apartment. Through its high ceiling, floor-to-ceiling windows and glass roof, the main living room is surrounded by sunlight and exquisite pieces. All-white spaces were required for this apartment, due to Amélie’s needs to fill it with eccentric and incredible art pieces.


Her gallery downstairs on the street level, Amélie Maison d’Art, represents over 150 artists working in all media. The gallery holds around five exhibitions a year and always shows a sculptor, a painter, and a work on paper. Variety is key to Amélie’s curation, and she welcomes all collectors, and the budget is never a problem!


On a future note, the gallerist says that she’s planning on working on a hotel concept, which should be a luxury space for rent, but full of artistic pieces. Amélie Du Chalard intends to educate art lovers through the vast art that exists, and we can’t wait to see how it turns out!



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