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6 Decorating Ideas by Ramy Fischler
6 Decorating Ideas by Ramy Fischler

Ramy Fischler is resolutely contemporary and has an eclectic creative practice. Having worked with Patrick Jouin, the Belgian designer honed his taste for research, innovation and exploring new territories in design, taking the helm on numerous projects in the cultural, gastronomic and conceptual design spheres. He is a source of inspiration for many people renovating their homes. His decorating ideas are innovative and audacious. Here you can find 6 elements Fischler includes in the interiors he designs and that will get you inspired. Take a look.


6 Decorating Ideas by Ramy Fischler

Here the designer made the most of the herringbone parquet floors, marble fireplace, and floor-length windows. A simple design effectively accomplished. The furniture is sleek and minimal and confined to browns, whites, and blacks giving a cohesive and well-considered scheme.

6 Decorating Ideas by Ramy Fischler

Beautiful elements make this Haussmann-style apartment majestic, with the high ceilings and the ornate moldings. Working within the constraints of a historic Saint-Germain-des-Prés apartment, designer Remy Fischler has created a modern and fresh space that is in stark contrast to the expected.

6 Decorating Ideas by Ramy Fischler

Moving away from the vocabulary of traditional embellishments and with paired back paneling detail, Fischler has instead used sharp angles, a strong materials palate of stone, mirrors and blond timber and a restrained approach to the joinery design to give the apartment a light and flotsam atmosphere.

6 Decorating Ideas by Ramy Fischler

Twitter France offices in Paris were also designed by RF Studio. Logically, blue hues were chosen for the overall design, matched with the white marble details and mirrored surfaces.

6 Decorating Ideas by Ramy Fischler 6 Decorating Ideas by Ramy Fischler

About Ramy Fischler:
Ramy Fischler is a Belgian designer based in Paris. After graduating from the École Nationale supérieure de création Industrielle ENSCI-Les Ateliers, he joined Patrick Jouin’s agency in 2001. They worked together for almost ten years.

In 2010 he received the French Academy’s Prix de Rome, where, in situ at the Villa Medici, he began to meditate upon the way in which visitors and artists approach and are received at
the mythical site, and found inspiration in the history of the Villa’s furnishings and their association with power. This research became the foundation for several exhibitions in
Italy and Paris. Inspired by the interstice between history, space and furniture, and obsessed with questions of meaning, Ramy Fischler founded his own design agency, RF Studio, in
2011. In 2012 he undertook his first comprehensive design and furnishing of a private residence in Place de Colombie, Paris. In 2014, he was engaged as artistic director for Dom
Perignon’s P2 Plénitude Deuxième campaign.

The combination of different ideas and areas of knowledge — a permanent feature of his practice — means he can uncover and integrate techniques and issues, which are in perpetual flux. The designer’s artistic approach reveals his dual outlook on his environment which is directed both inwards — as a participant, a user, an actor — and outwards — as a critical observer of what seems to be, or could become the central design concern.


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