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Exclusive Interview With Stone Hollond
Exclusive Interview With Stone Hollond

Stone Hollond

we will present you an exclusive interview with Stone Hollond, a brand that has been borne out of Caroline Paterson Interiors, a studio that has been on the design scene for 35 years, working on projects in the UK and abroad, mastering both traditional and modern interiors.



Owners of Stone Hollond, Josh Stone and Phoebe Hollond tastes are anchored in the narrative flair of Italian mid-century, sensually modernist with a twist of the glamorous art deco era. Their interiors have a sense of history, that makes them feel layered and comfortable as well as fresh and timeless.

Exclusive Interview With Stone Hollond



For the team of designers of Stone Hollond, the most interesting part of the whole job is meeting clients for the first time and walking around their houses. People fascinate the Stone Hollond us as much as the houses they do, because both tell a narrative, a life story that is innately varied.

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Stone Hollond founders feel fulfilled professionally by the fact that every day they get to work in their beautiful studio with a small young driven team.

Exclusive Interview With Stone Hollond

The most challenging time of Stone Hollond career is the present moment because of the overcome of Covid and Brexit, which in this industry with budgets, shipping and deadlines are critical.

Now, the Stone Hollond Studio is aiming to launch a new product and they dream to design a bar in a private members club.

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As a young company, with a young team, they are always thinking of ideas to inspire their audience, whether it’s through our Instagram or Website. Future plans of Stone Hollond are to have a newsletter so our followers can know what is inspiring us at the moment, which heavily influences our current projects.

Stone Hollond feels really lucky with their clients, their clients are people with whom they developed good relationships, meaning they can push the boundaries with the projects that we are working on and the result is truly exciting.

Exclusive Interview With Stone Hollond

Actually, the Stone Hollond team is working on a lot of projects in the UK and abroad. A very exciting one is a vineyard, which includes the main house, treehouses for guests, and a restaurant, with a wine tasting room.  The inspiration has been taken from Cy Twombly and that feeling of artistic license.

For the future, Stone Hollond have potentially interesting collaborations.  They have designed a lot of furniture for their new studio.

Exclusive Interview With Stone Hollond

At the moment, Stone Hollond thinks what is the trend in the design world is for people to use their homes to express themselves, and there has been a huge shift from off-the-shelf to bespoke and unique pieces.



To Finalise

About craftsmanship, the Stone Hollond team is always looking for new and interesting ceramists to flourish a home.

In the future of the design world, they would like to see the end of beige and grey forever.

Exclusive Interview With Stone Hollond


Hope you like this article about the Stone Hollond Team! Feel free to share!

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