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Jean-Michel Wilmotte, When Architecture Meets Design
Jean-Michel Wilmotte, When Architecture Meets Design

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Jean-Michel Wilmotte is the lead designer and architect of Wilmotte & Associés, a multidisciplinary architecture firm, that embraces a large spectrum of design projects. From large plants, stadiums, high-rise buildings, hospitals, to residential properties, wine stores, hotels, theatres, and museums, he can do it all. Today, Paris Design Agenda tells you all about this talented professional that needs no introduction!


Credits by Forbes

Jean-Michel Wilmotte‘s architecture is characterized by the great care given to a building’s integration within the location it occupies, the clean lines he uses, the quality of materials, and attention to detail. In addition to new constructions, Wilmotte excels in the restoration field and often carries out redevelopment projects in historic town centers.


Credits by Jean-Michel Wilmotte

The designer’s method is all about the respect for the design heritage as well as a certain modernity and sobriety in his architecture. Jean-Michel Wilmotte developed the concept of “contemporary grafting” to demonstrate that the meeting of old and modern is at the heart of the issue of urban regeneration.


Credits by Jean-Michel Wilmotte

Architect, city planner, and designer, Jean-Michel Wilmotte founded his own architecture firm in Paris in 1975. Over the years, the agency has diversified and operates primarily in five key areas: architecture, interior design, museology, urbanism, and design. In every area that his agency divides, he makes to sure to excel in every one of them, being able to create the most amazing projects, full of authenticity.


Credits by Jean-Michel Wilmotte

Attention to details allows Jean-Michel Wilmotte and his team to work from the smallest to the largest scale: moving from a house to a skyscraper, from a shop to a corporate headquarters, from a gallery of art to a museum, and from street furniture to urban design.


Credits by Jean-Michel Wilmotte

His business is structured around two companies – architecture firm Wilmotte & Associés and design studio Wilmotte & Industries SAS –, operating more than 150 projects at any one time. Renowned for the diversity of its output and the elegance and excellent finishing quality of its work, the Wilmotte firm operates in both the public and private sectors, across luxury, hospitality, residential, and the service industries.


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