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Laura Pozzi Amazes With Her Eccentric And Inspiring Designs
Laura Pozzi Amazes With Her Eccentric And Inspiring Designs

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More than a styling, Laura Pozzi is also a visual story decorator who has been working for design companies, art directors, magazines, and hotels. With a strong specialization in interiors, still-life, food, lifestyle, and events. Paris Design Agenda will be introducing you to the work and inspiration that drive this Italian interior designer who is always up for a new challenge as well as for learning new techniques that give a new touch to her work.


Credits by Laura Pozzi

Laura Pozzi created Laura Pozzi Studio in 2003, a business which even to these days is focused on styling, interior design, set design, and photo production. Laura plays a multitasking role in this project by acting as a stylist, creative director and executive producer in an interior design firm with its locations currently located in Follina, Treviso, Venice and in Milan. What she loves the most about her work is mostly centered around the possibility to create different forms of projects around design. She defines her relationship with her audience as a “multidisciplinary communication Studio”, with whom she communicates through social media by sharing some of her knowledge, work and some details she sees with her eyes every day.



Credits by Laura Pozzi

Aside from being the author of two books about Finnish decorations, she’s taken her 21-year-old career to the max, by mixing her visual moods of design, architecture, and styling into each of her new projects. She first started gaining her experience through the design of wallpapers for London Art Wallpapers in 2016, having some of her creations been very published in the years that followed. Right she’s focusing on finishing her very first rug collection, while at the same time working in a new area alongside Besana Carpet Lab: she’s trying out tiles design. However, she admits that she still like a lot to accomplish in her life including creating a photo shooting with Coppi Barbieri for Hermes or Louis Vuitton.



Credits by Laura Pozzi

Having had a long career it’s only natural that Laura Pozzi went through a couple of challenges that really put her abilities, along with her mindset to the test. She recalled one particular project that really challenged her 4 years ago, both professionally and mentally.


“I designed and produced the scenery for a worldwide beverage brand main event, 4 years ago. The project, full of colours, in partnership with some iconic design brands, was easy if it was at the ground zero. It was on the 39th floor of a skyscraper.. with only an elevator. So I thought it focusing on how to put all props and materials into the elevator, at first. The second difficulty was we had only 24 hours for setting, doing the event and unsetting all. I worked 22 hours, surviving with coffee and bananas every two hours. After 5 days from this event, having no more antibodies, I took pneumonia.”



Credits by Laura Pozzi

Her take on projects centers essentially around three main keywords: colors, emotions, and simplicity. She is known for enjoying the possibility to create a Taylor-Made style for all projects, being heavily inspired by other relevant design icons such as Lina Bo Bardi, Gio Ponti, and Verner Panton. Regarding her style, Laura Pozzi clearly knows what she’s doing in her professional life, as well as the importance of not sticking to one style only.

“I am born, professionally, as a stylist. The first rule for me is NOT having a style but KNOWING well how to do different styles. You have to study a lot. The glue of all my projects is minimalism, anyway. Less is always more.”



Credits by Laura Pozzi

When it comes to defining her type of client consists of a group of people younger than her and with the highlight being the second or the third generation of their brand. She defines them as being the type of people who are determined, strong and with a broad vision of the world of today. Despite this seeming like a homogenous type of client, Pozzi knows the importance of adapting to more than one different style when taking on a new project. Her inspiration is best defined by her as follows:

“I am working on different projects and the inspo depends on the language of the brands. Imagine brands as human bodies, they are all different with different needs.”


Credits by Laura Pozzi

When it comes to her hopes for the future of design Laura Pozzi doesn’t hide the fact that she wishes that all of the brands in the world would start to respect the planet more. She also hopes that many contemporary designers and design companies will improve the practices in their work by thinking more about other factors in their jobs aside from factors such as lines, industrial costs and the final price for their products.

“A good designer has to think to the products including how to produce them at the low environmental impact. You would say that they already do it. I say that it’s really not enough.”



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