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Maison et Objet 2016: Wild inspirations
Maison et Objet 2016: Wild inspirations

Each season, the MAISON&OBJET Observatoire de la Maison decodes our times and analyzes new consumption behaviors to define a theme explored in the Inspirations book and staged at the show. The MAISON&OBJET Observatoire de la Maison invites us to sink our teeth into the WILD theme, by discovering the new Inspirations forum.

The leopard can not change its spots. Between threat of disappearance and hope for revival, nature takes over, expressing itself in all its first states, from the wild to the sacred. Confronted with a world formatted by technology, urbanization and excessive domestication, the imaginary gets wilder off the beaten tracks, and finds refuge in the innocence of an essential, preserved landscape, untouched. Contemporary creation convenes wild spirits. We return to the forest to reset. Forms and materials reconnect with elements to be in line with Mother Earth.The wild poetic gleans the elementary, the raw, the misshapen, the corroded, the burnt , the scarified. We reinject some nature into the urban space, in search of new wastelands. As shamans, designers call upon the magic of spirits and supernatural forces. ReWild Yourself.

You can’t miss the WILD INSPIRATIONS space in the hall 7, in which you will find the “WILD” exhibition by François Bernard, the Wild-Cafe-Bookstore (Scenography : Elizabeth Leriche ) and discover a new edition of MAISON&OBJET that gives pride to share her wild side.

Here is a sneak peek of what inspires the designers at Espace d’inspirations WILD.

Top-news-from-Maison-et-Objet-2016-Wild-inspirations-events-10 Top-news-from-Maison-et-Objet-2016-Wild-inspirations-events-9 Top-news-from-Maison-et-Objet-2016-Wild-inspirations-events-8 Top-news-from-Maison-et-Objet-2016-Wild-inspirations-events-7 Top-news-from-Maison-et-Objet-2016-Wild-inspirations-events-6 Top-news-from-Maison-et-Objet-2016-Wild-inspirations-events5 Top-news-from-Maison-et-Objet-2016-Wild-inspirations-events-3 Top-news-from-Maison-et-Objet-2016-Wild-inspirations-events2

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