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parisdesignagenda-TOP 20 events of Paris Design Week-featured
TOP 20 events of Paris Design Week

1. The now! le Off exhibition held at Les Docks – Cité de la Mode et du Design has become a major springboard for designer creativity. It presents the New Design Talents and Emerging Design Brands from around the world. The New Design Talents will be selected to take part in the RADO STAR PRIZE France contest.

parisdesignagenda-TOP 20 events of Paris Design Week-RSP-FR-2015

Young creative talents gather for the RADO STAR PRIZE France 2015 contest PARIS DESIGN WEEK and RADO renew their partnership to support and spotlight the talents of young designers. The RADO STAR PRIZE France 2015 contest recognises and rewards their creativity at now! le Off. The RADO STAR PRIZE France 2015 contest, taking place for the third consecutive year as part of now! le Off, is an international design award that serves as a powerful springboard for these designers, promoting their work to professionals and leaders in the design fields and through the media. These emerging design talents from now! le Off are automatically chosen to take part in the RADO STAR PRIZE France 2015 contest. On 30 June 2015, the Jury deliberated and, for the first time, named two winners of the RADO STAR PRIZE France 2015 — Prix du Jury. It has been awarded equally to Aurélie Hoegy and Jules Levasseur for Dancers and Projet S, respectively. They each won €3,000 and a RADO watch. This year, nine projects were selected by the Jury as contenders for the RADO STAR PRIZE France 2015 — Prix du Public. Internet users can vote for the candidate of their choice on the website between 8 July and 9 September 2015. The nine chosen contenders are: Antonio Virga, Atelier A4, Florian Dasras, Keim, Astrid Louchart, Julia Schmit, MIIING, Mala Leche and Pich Tripasai. The Prix du Public winner will receive a Rado watch and will be exhibited alongside the other selected candidates during PARIS DESIGN WEEK at Les Docks – Cité de la Mode et du Design.

parisdesignagenda-TOP 20 events of Paris Design Week-RSP-FR

2. From Upcycling / Sustainable Development Itinerary :

The bouquet factory explodes at La Rotondes Stalingrads La Rotonde,

6-8 place de la Bataille de Stalingrad, Paris (19th arr.) Flowers for every occasion and every table… They celebrate our joys and our losses. But nature cannot absorb so many desires. So could it be that our desires and disregard for biodiversity might overheat bouquet factories to the point where they finally explode in an ultimate and pornographic atomic-scale mushroom cloud of bouquets? A fragrant orgasm to be expected inside the revolutionary architecture of Claude-Nicolas Ledoux!

parisdesignagenda-TOP 20 events of Paris Design Week-flowers

3. Yves Delorme on the road

24 rue de Sèvres, Paris (7th arr.) / 11 rue Berryer, Paris (8th arr.) In honour of the company’s 170th anniversary, Yves Delorme, the luxury home linens specialist, intends to celebrate a family passion for textiles, one that has thrived for six generations, and share it with the public. The company expresses its lifestyle concept in an Airstream trailer, decorated entirely in backlit white cotton and white cotton flowers. The trailer will be travelling across Europe (30 cities), including Paris, where it will take up residence in September at Le Bon Marché, then at the Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild.

parisdesignagenda-TOP 20 events of Paris Design Week-yves-delorme


FontanaArte sheds light on the Deyrolle curio shop

46 rue du Bac, Paris (7th arr.) What better time than PARIS DESIGN WEEK to try improbable combinations that are ultimately so complementary? Deyrolle, a Mecca for taxidermy and the observation of nature, and FontanaArte, an icon of Italian-made design and decorative arts for more than 80 years, are joining forces to mark this great event held this coming 5-12 September. Deyrolle, a scientific and educational institution since 1831, and FontanaArte, the gold standard in contemporary design, are making the most of the occasion to come together for one week to introduce a wide audience of experts and novices to two exceptional worlds in which art, creation and history intertwine in an exhibition on the theme of discovery and wonder. Deyrolle offers FontanaArte the opportunity to display their 2015 collection of lighting creations presented last April at the Euroluce show in a space with a spirit that will truly astonish all who enter. Illuminating a Parisian monument such as Deyrolle is no mean feat!

5. Fermob

17 boulevard Raspail, Paris (7th arr.) The garden furniture manufacturer opened its second Paris location, one that reflects the excitement of the 2015 PARIS DESIGN WEEK itinerary by staging an unprecedented, temporary exhibition. In a space bathed in natural light, brimming with creativity and inspiration, visitors can experience the brand’s spirit, displayed over 1,300 sq ft (120 m2). On show: flagship pieces by renowned designers (like Pascal Mourgue, Patrick Jouin, Andrée & Olivia Putman), the new collections available in the 24 shades of the colour selection and, of course, Fermob’s lines of accessories.

parisdesignagenda-TOP 20 events of Paris Design Week-fermob

6. Triode

28 rue Jacob, Paris (6th arr.) For PARIS DESIGN WEEK, Triode, in partnership with TL Magazine and with the support of American Design Friends, will showcase young independent Brooklyn-based designers in several exhibitions, collaborating under the name Applique-toi (Try your best). Triode will present an eclectic selection of wall lamps from the US in their showroom. Though they are often upstaged by the majestic presence of chandeliers, wall lamps remain an essential element of today’s interior design, that bring value to living spaces. This is all the more true considering that they often serve as a starting point for a whole line of light fixtures. As part of the Brooklyn Rive Gauche exhibition (at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche, 29 August-17 October), Triode and American Design Friends will present in three different spaces: an installation by designers Ladies&Gentlemen, a major piece by Bec Brittain and a selection of objects and accessories by Brooklyn-based designers.

parisdesignagenda-TOP 20 events of Paris Design Week-Triode

7. Belgium is Design – Is this real ? 

Wallonia-Brussels Tourist Office, 274 boulevard Saint-Germain, Paris (7th arr.) Belgium is Design is the new face for the promotion of Belgian creativity. After having honoured designers, the focus is now on the creative industries that have made design and innovation essen – tial elements in developing their collections. For these companies, design is not a separate step, it is an integrated way of working, a fundamental part of daily operations. To recognise these firms, Belgium is Design has devised the instal – lation Is this real? as a tribute to Belgian surrealism. It explores the capacity these entities have for innovation, preservation of savoirfaire, skills transfer and developing projects and products that serve as ambassadors of Belgian culture abroad. Opening on Friday, 4 September 2015.

8. Galerie Elsa Vanier – Creativity by Niessing

7 rue du Pré aux Clercs, Paris (7th arr.) In 2015, the designer of the Tension ® ring and creator of the Topia line, winner of a Red Dot Award, launched Phoenix, a line of jewel – lery assembled from two new gold colours. The Phoenix rings and bracelets are incredibly flexible and versatile. Thanks to the research undertaken into new 18-carat gold alloys, Niessing will reveal its new nine-colour selection in September du – ring PARIS DESIGN WEEK. Rosewood and Ivory will complement the already existing fine grey, sand grey, classic red, fine rose, warm yellow, classic yellow and spring green.

parisdesignagenda-TOP 20 events of Paris Design Week-creatiity

9. Design and photography at the Galerie d’En Face 

7 rue Paul-Louis Courier, Paris (7th arr.) The Galerie d’En Face presents works by French designer Philippe Nacson, who, after a long career in finance, left that world to wholly pursue his passion for design. The gallery’s selection showcases his first collection of furniture and lighting fixtures. One piece has been specially reworked into a new, oversized version. As a means to generating dialogue between photography and design, the gallery will also be featuring photographs of Brasilia by French photographer Vincent Fournier, paying homage to the city’s atypical, flamboyant and fascinating 1960s architecture.

10. Dolce Vita? From Liberty to Italian design 

Musée d’Orsay, 1 rue de la Légion d’Honneur, Paris (7th arr.) In early 20th-century Italy, the decorative arts enjoyed a legacy of a grand tradition of arts and crafts and interpreted the desire for progress held by a nation at long last unified. Cabinet makers, ceramicists and master glassmakers often worked in collaboration with leading artists, creating an authentic “Italian style” that would ultimately influence the very emergence of modern design. To explore this climate, the exhibition presents a chronological journey expressed through one hundred works and based on a flowing discourse between decorative and fine arts.

parisdesignagenda-TOP 20 events of Paris Design Week-- dolce vita



11. Knoll

268 boulevard Saint-Germain, Paris (7th arr.) For the first time in France, Knoll presents its Pilot Chair, the latest design to emerge from its collaboration with London studio Barber & Osgerby. Pilot Chair is a contemporary and innovative armchair equally suitable for a range of different contexts, from home to office. The surprising profile adopted by the back panel of this sleek arm – chair is distinctive in a domestic setting, but is just as appropriate as an executive chair. The first impression is that the seat appears to float; a feature that allows space for the seat to flex downwards and creates a uniquely sleek and timeless designer look.

12. Martinelli Luce at Asteri

7 boulevard Raspail, Paris (7th arr.) The Asteri showroom opens its doors to the public during PARIS DESIGN WEEK to showcase its new Martinelli Luce lighting collections. Two of the designs from this prestigious Italian design house – the Serpente and Pipistrello lamps – will be celebrating their 50th anniversary. These two iconic lamps will be available in a gold version prepared specially to celebrate this landmark occasion. The new collections of hanging lamps will also be showcased at PARIS DESIGN WEEK.

parisdesignagenda-TOP 20 events of Paris Design Week--vita

13. Hôtel W Paris-Opéra

4 rue Meyerbeer, Paris (9th arr.) Container and Content True to its resolutely avant-garde identity and unshakeable associa – tion with the design world, Hôtel W Paris-Opéra celebrates PARIS DESIGN WEEK 2015 by giving young design students the chance to express their creativity. To do so, Hôtel W Paris-Opéra is holding an unprecedented competition reserved for young design students. The challenge? To design a glass to be produced specially for the signature cocktail at the hotel’s Brûlé bar. Three students will be selected by a jury of personalities from the design world and will display their creations at Hôtel W ParisOpéra during PARIS DESIGN WEEK. At the end of the week, the jury will announce the winner, whose glass will be produced and used at the Brûlé bar.

14. Design at the Carrousel du Louvre

99 rue de Rivoli, Paris (1st arr.) For the fourth year in a row, the Carrousel du Louvre partners up with PARIS DESIGN WEEK and invites five designers to present their work in an exhibition that will stretch throughout the Carrousel’s galleries. Organised by the events-production company Chassa – gnac, this exhibition intends to cast a light on the original and lively side of contemporary art, by displaying colourful and playful works of art. At a crossroads between fine arts, object design, architecture and graphic design, Akay, Benjamin Isidore Juveneton, Clémentine Henrion, Mademoiselle Maurice and Qui est Paul? will come toge – ther for a month to share their perspectives on design. Design, come rain or shine at the Carrousel du Louvre: installations that invite visitors to look up, surprising rainbows, cheerful puns, as well as a clever furniture selection impervious to rain or shine!

parisdesignagenda-TOP 20 events of Paris Design Week-louvre

15. Galerie des Galeries – Galeries Lafayette

40 boulevard Haussmann, Paris (9th arr.) Galerie des Galeries presents Idées Multiples, an exhibition that explores art, fashion and design (23 fashion brands and 90 objects and pieces of furniture). With perspectives from six key figures in various creative fields, the exhibition is structured around eight limited-edition works.

16. Publicis Drugstore and Intramuros team up to celebrate design

133 avenue des Champs-Elysées, Paris (8th arr.) Design and new technologies will be celebrated at the Publicis Drugstore with a selection of products offered for sale. In partner – ship with French design magazine Intramuros, Publicis will present a selection of connected objects, robots, 3D printers and many other products throughout the week. Publicis Drugstore will also be holding a masterclass and drinks party at the Publicis Cinema.

17. Jean Nouvel decorates the Yohji Yamamoto store Y’s Yohji Yamamoto,

25 rue du Louvre, Paris (1st arr.) “Whether one is entering a building or slipping into a jacket, everything involves interference with materials. Forming a relationship with the environment, experiencing it from the inside.” – Jean Nou – vel. Yohji Yamamoto and Jean Nouvel, both seeking synergy between space and materials, take us deep into their respective collections within their minimalist and contemporary worlds. As part of PARIS DESIGN WEEK, the stylist’s boutique presents the designer’s Less Less furniture collection, created for design brand Unifor. One of the pieces on display will be a totem, a free-standing that is an iconic representation of Jean Nouvel’s works. Redesigned into a wardrobe for the occasion, it takes on a new role in Yohji Yamamoto’s store, Y’s.



18. Christofle launches Mood

9 rue Royale, Paris (8th arr.) The French manufacturer famous for its haute orfèvrerie range continues to challenge the accepted traditions of tableware. Christofle offers a completely new concept for our times: an aspirational, elliptical and dazzling object whose appearance suggests not even a hint of its function. Mood is the new concept to be unveiled by the company at PARIS DESIGN WEEK: a new and universal range of sleek contemporary silver-plated cutlery in six-place settings.

parisdesignagenda-TOP 20 events of Paris Design Week-mood

19. DATA space at the Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton

11 rue Royale, Paris (8th arr.) The Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton in Paris continues its ongoing exploration of the relationship between art and thread, and invites Franco-British artist Alice Anderson to use the art space itself as inspiration for the creation of a unique exhibition called DATA space. In this age of planetary virtualisation when our memories are stored externally, Alice Anderson sees it as vital to develop an alternative process for recording memory. Anderson’s intuition that the digital revolution will prove as decisive for human memory as the advent of writing has led her to the concept of ‘recording the present’ using copper wire to create a new physical relationship with objects and space. Exhibition open from 5 June to 20 September.

20. The official PARIS DESIGN WEEK pop-up café at Galerie Joseph

Galerie Joseph 123 Turenne houses the official PARIS DESIGN WEEK pop-up café, as well as a library with a large selection of design-related books and magazines. Prior to the event, Galerie Joseph has invited designers that will exhibit in its galleries during PARIS DESIGN WEEK to create limitededition cups, that will be available for sale at the pop-up café.

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