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Be Inspired By Charles Zana's Fabulous Royal Operal Hotel In Paris
Be Inspired By Charles Zana’s Fabulous Royal Operal Hotel In Paris



Since the beginning, Charles Zana has shared his taste and expertise in the most beautiful residential and public interiors around the world. The Parisian artist, that’s one of the best interior designers in the world, thinks he has no defined aesthetic. Today, Paris Design Agenda unveils one of his most amazing projects, the Royal Opera Hotel.


Credits by Charles Zana

With more than 200 projects of modern architecture and interior design on the planet, Charles Zana embodies the best of what the unique design of France can offer to its customers: one of them was the Hotel Royal Opera in Paris, a place full of meaning, warm and sensitive to the lives of visitors. Take a look at all the contemporary design built by Charles Zana and let yourself be surprised by this combination of classicism, modernity, and emotion.




Credits by Charles Zana

Designed by renowned interior designer Charles Zana, this elegant and expensive hotel combines grandeur with excellent facilities, equipment, and services. The luxury interior design concept follows a sophisticated color palette: yellow, brown and white. In addition, a group of round tables and contemporary chairs with modern design are designed to create an intimate space.



Credits by Charles Zana

For this interior design project, Charles Zana has adopted a dual approach. He masters construction work, seeking comfort, fluid circulation, detail, harmony, symmetry, and discrete technology. The Royal Opera Hotel enjoys a privileged location in the heart of Paris, close to the department stores Madeleine and Boulevard Haussmann.



Credits by Charles Zana

One of the most sumptuous and sublime luxury hotels in Paris, it’s located close to many attractions such as the Champs-Élysées, the Louvre, the Musée d’Orsay and many others. In addition to its exceptional location, this contemporary hotel designed by Charles Zana combines grandeur with excellent facilities, facilities for businesses and services.



Credits by Charles Zana

All thirty spacious, comfortable and modern rooms are charming, wonderful and truly beautiful. In each of these contemporary rooms with unique design, it is possible to be seduced by a very particular French charm and an invitation to tranquility: one of the main goals of Charles Zana was to give a design welcome to this project of interior decoration.



Credits by Charles Zana

As an architect rigorously trained at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, he was surrounded with the rich history of the decorative arts of his country and the tradition of craftsmanship. With that in mind, Charles Zana is also a man who is a voracious curiosity for contemporary art and its unique design.



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