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Inspire Your Home Through The Mid-Century Trend
Mid Century Trend, An Inspiration To Your Home



Mid century trend demonstrates a big passion around every interior design lover. This fantastic style states an unique point of view around your home, as well as transports you to a different era. Paris design Agenda shows you this latest trend, that gives a special touch to your home luxurious furniture.


Mid Century Trend

Inspire Your Home Through The Mid-Century Trend

Mid Century Trend, a décor style that automatically sends you to another era, right to the fabulousness of the 50’s. There’s no need to dream about going back to another decade, because this trend can make that happen to you, in a completely effortless manner. This style is defined for the excessive and amazing use of velvet, gold rustic details, and of course, that use of warm colors around the luxurious furniture. Today you’ll find out some of the best products to complete that trend, brought to you by Essential Home.


  1. Sophia Single Sofa

Inspire Your Home Through The Mid-Century TrendThere’s no better way to begin a Mid-Century Trend than with the acquisition of this Sophia Single Sofa. This is an unique sofa that obviously shares the vision that unveils the concept of this timeless trend. Stitched from the top to the bottom, this luxurious item was created with a base made of gold-plated brass and button tufted sides. Brought to you by Essential Home, this sofa will look perfect on a corner of your living room, giving it the life it deserves.


2. Florence Stool

Inspire Your Home Through The Mid-Century Trend

The Mid Century Trend also needs the presence of this Florence Stool. Presented by Essential Home, this stool defines itself for its practicality and the fact that it’s perfect to fit in every room, making it look amazingly good, wherever it is. The Florence Stool is built in a cylindrical shape, a cushioned seat upholstered in velvet fabric, and a base in polished brass. It’s the perfect solution for an embellishment in your living room, study or even in your massive closet.


3. Monocles Sideboard

Inspire Your Home Through The Mid-Century Trend

The Monocles Sideboard it’s a perfect example for the concept of the Mid Century Trend. Created by Essential Home, this is a perfect sideboard for all the retro lovers, and a marvelous piece to place on your living room, placing the perfect accessories above it. It’s built out of solid walnut wood, with gold plated brass doors, that feature a circular design. This is an absolute design masterpiece, that is crucial to acquire, in order to complete this amazing trend.


4. Collins Dining Chair

Inspire Your Home Through The Mid-Century Trend

The Collins Dining Chair is also a creation from the luxury brand Essential Home, where the Mid Century Trend is very well captured in its design. This retro chic feel is sensed through this finest upholstered in velvet, welted stitches on the seat and a stylist degree reclining on the crescent open back. It is the perfect addition to your dining room, establishing absolute perfection in the mid century trend, when placed around a circular table.


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