Trend spaces at Maison & Objet 2015 – Paris Design Agenda


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Trend spaces at Maison & Objet 2015
Trend spaces at Maison & Objet 2015

Interior design trends spaces are always researched for their prevision on what is going to be the in vogue during the year. Maison & Objet Paris will propose 3 areas with 3 very distinct themes. Those spaces are counting with a lot of different decoration brands which are going to create sublime interiors and bringing a lot of inspiration to the public The first space is named NATURE MADE NATURE MADE  - Paris Design Agenda Where scientists, artists and designers of living things are summoning the spirit of nature and playing with its laws using somewhat bewitching rituals. Leaving things to chance, the experiments and mutations made by these bio-magicians are catalyzing the supernatural. Thus are born fascinating creations that herald a new generation of objects. The second one is the HUMAN MADE HUMAN MADE - Paris Design Agenda As the tool for a new luxury, the hand is touching and transforming things. From the alphabet of materials and the grammar of crafts, neo-artisans expertise is putting together sensitive, rare items. Beyond their function, these works show a radical uniqueness. The art of making is freeing the object from the norm so that it can leave its mark in time. And the third space is named TECNO MADE TECNO MADE  - Paris Design Agenda The central question of the living space is could the designer of tomorrow be hiding under an engineer’s coat? Designing benevolent machines connected to a digital environment, new algorithms for contemporary comfort are inventing a heightened relationship to the world. And they herald novel life experiments that will strengthen our well-being and autonomy.

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