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Winter Trends: Enjoy The New Season With Brand New Ideas!
Winter Trends: Enjoy The New Season With Brand New Ideas!



Winter trends are definitely the concept you need to enjoy in this brand new season. The days grow smaller but one thing that remains untouched is the necessity of creating new, warm, and trendy ambiances. It will be super cold outside soon so why wouldn’t you spend more time at home surrounded by charismatic pieces of design? Having an emphasis on color and creating a cozy, comforting scheme, the following Winter trends promise to help you get that bold touch in your home design. Enjoy!


Warm Wood Elements

In cold weather, a space with wood finishes or accents gives it a warming effect while acting as a natural insulator. Flooring and wood panels make more of an impact. There is no household area that doesn’t suit the warmth, richness, comfort, and finesse of wooden furniture.


Huang is a mountain range in eastern China known for its spectacular scenery – there you’ll find breathtaking sunsets, majestic pine trees, and views of the clouds from above. Huang is also a sideboard and it features an inside in rosewood veneer and details in hammered matte and brushed aged brass – a statement piece like no other.


Vintage Accents

Decorating with vintage accents is challenging but it’s also fun. Regardless of which decade is your personal favorite, there are key pieces that help cement the vintage feel in your design. Their unique sense of history transports viewers back in time in a way that newer creations simply can’t match.


Perfect for a private lounge, the Curtis sofa with a long wooden bench is produced in dark walnut. It has a single back cushion, upholstered with tufted leather, as well as two arms that can be used as side tables. It also features a round tapered leg with polished brass feet that create a contrast with its dark tones.


Color-Pop Kitchens

This trend started making an appearance in 2019 with different color kitchens, but 2020 is the year it will become more of a feature with prominent colors in the kitchen. Vibrant cabinetry, jewel-toned ranges, and colorful tiles in every shade of the rainbow are all showstopping ways to put a bold, personal twist on cooking space. Seriously, your kitchen doesn’t have to be white.


The Tunisian Cayo Island is a Nature’s wonder with beautiful landscapes and an impressive green sea. This beauty inspired the creation of the Cayo dining chair, a fully upholstered chair that breathes elegance. A beautiful option for every dining room.


Room Dividers

With the popularity of open floor plan spaces, the use of a room divider is helpful in creating separated areas like a cozy reading nook or a more intimate dining space. Doubling a divider into a fireplace with storage is a clever way to make the most of your large room.


Giulietta screen has a precious crossing curved brass frame. Named after Giulietta Masina, it creates an elegant dialogue with the upholstery-deep yellow or peacock velvet combined with a fifties’ taste fabric.


Statement Rugs

Big things are accomplished only through the perfection of minor details. Interior design is the art of shaping personal nuances at home and an ultra-aesthetic overtone is what we are going for here. Whether you like it simple or conceptual, a statement rug will always bring a that exclusive touch to your interiors.



The Redleh rug tells us that we should never underestimate the mystical power of our imagination. Exquisitely designed, Redleh brings a certain aura of esoterism, mystery, and magic to any ambiance. Brought to you by the finest craftsmanship.


Velvet Everywhere

When in doubt, go with velvet – it is smooth and strong in equal doses. Representing an essential when it comes to luxury design, velvet is always fashionable, warm, and seductive. You know nothing feels better than a velvet armchair or sofa!



According to Greek mythology, Oreas is the God of the mountains. The Oreas single sofa pays tribute to it. This channel-tufted sofa is fully upholstered in soft cotton velvet, making it the perfect addition to any living room set or bedroom design.


Eye-catching Fireplaces

One of the home’s best places to gather in Winter is around the fireplace. Beautiful focal points for kinetic lighting, these add a special ambiance to a room. Let your fireplace make a statement with interesting screens that show off patterns and style.



Musa, historically known as the richest individual to have set foot on Earth, was an emperor of the Mali Empire. The Musa fireplace takes after all the wealth and boldness of his empire. The way this fireplace conquers the space with its brass structure together with the strength present in its flames.


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