Fall In Love With Alberto Pinto Studio’s Work At Hotel Park Gstaad – Paris Design Agenda


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Fall In Love With Alberto Pinto Studio's Work At Hotel Park Gstaad
Fall In Love With Alberto Pinto Studio’s Work At Hotel Park Gstaad



Alberto Pinto Studio is an iconic top French design company that is currently under de management of Linda Pinto, Alberto’s daughter. Recognized for handling a variety of project types and styles, they’re also defined by the exquisiteness, eclectism, and luxury details that the firm adds in every project they embrace. Hotels are also one of their main specialties and this is also an area in which they triumph. Join Paris Design Agenda unveils one of their most amazing projects, the Grand Hotel Park (also known as Hotel Park Gstaad) in Switzerland!


More than just a village, Gstaad is also a place of entertainment for many people which include many Hollywood A-listers. This place is a skiing refuge for many, and therefore it’s no wonder that it has some of the best services to keep the people both entertained and well-served. Aside from the incredible skiing resorts, challenging slopes, gourmet restaurants, and even the unique designer shops, there’s one hotel that stands out: the Grand Hotel Park which had its interior design handled by Alberto Pinto Studio.



The hotel first opened all the way back in 1910, and throughout the years it built a reputation as one of the resting spots for tourists and skiing enthusiasts. Many A-listers still love to relax and crash in this hotel due to its reputable fame. In 2010 it underwent a ten-month renovation and modernization by Alberto Pinto Studio, however, it maintained the timelessness the establishment was well-known for.


Among the Grand Hotel Park‘s top features we definitely need to point out the fact that it has four Penthouse Suites exquisitely furnished, with sustainable woods and wool products of the top quality picked by Alberto Pinto Studio. One of these rooms even features some private integrated spas accompanied with hammams and saunas, alongside with some cozy fireplaces in the master bedrooms. Even if you stay in the less costly bedrooms this is a hotel that will allow you to take a glance at a fabulous view of the Bernese Alps.



Grand Hotel Park has a unique feel regardless of the time of the year you stay there. You can find many displays within its 94 bedrooms made from wood and other strong materials. Not to mention the fact that it’s exceptional My Gstaad Chalet is known for being the largest suite in the Alps. The paintings and the decor on the wall are allusive to Italian and Asian settings, a feature that defines the special take of Alberto Pinto in this project. The team definitely knew what they were doing when it came to maintaining the elements that made this hotel special in the memories of many people throughout the ages.



As a matter of fact, Alberto Pinto Studio is a company mainly known for its take on private residences, office buildings, airports, hotels, and yachts. Despite the passing of its founder, Linda Pinto knows that the style of the company sits on a type of decor style marked by various cultural influences, and that’s what makes Alberto Pinto Studio so special!



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