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Tom Dixon Launches Brand New Collections!
Tom Dixon Launches Brand New Collections!

Article originally published on March 21, 2020


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Tom Dixon is recognized as a restless innovator who works mainly in lighting, accessories, and furniture. He has developed many incredible collections that amaze the entire design community. Every design aficionado knows the design identity and work of the designer, and it’s a privilege to admire his masterpieces. Today, Paris Design Agenda unveils the brand new collections that were launched by the designer!


As you know, Tom Dixon is a creative designer that aims to create perfection either on accessories, lighting, and furniture. Behind all his creations, one thing’s for sure: luxury and functionality hold hands, and the brand new collections are the ultimate proof. So, without further ado, meet The Carved Family.


This amazing collection sits on a mouth-blown, double-layered black and white glass concept that has been acutely cut back to define a series of circular motifs. Artisanal glassmakers in India carefully carved away layers of glass in a design process that explores the opaque, the translucent and the transparent. The intention was for the chunky and heavy glass to take on an ethereal lightness.


Another one of his finest collections is called BUMP. This collection sits on a family of hand-made, minimalist, borosilicate vessels with subtle levels of pink and grey tonal translucency. The goal is to offer an elegant approach to the alchemical processes of tea making, mixology, and floral arrangements.


Through these specific pieces for measuring, brewing, steaming, cooling, pouring and preserving, Tom Dixon Design Studio decided to approach and explore the art of the transformative alchemy of curious instruments and chemical reactions. Despite being an absolutely original design, it stands as the perfect choice for some afternoon tea!


Inspired by laboratory concepts, the BUMP collection is an exercise in double-walled glassmaking and a play in transparency and translucence. It’s obvious the design identity of the designer and his creativeness flowing. Once again, Tom Dixon surprises us with the most amazing collection!



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